Free to use Solana payment gateway

Custom Token hosted payment page

Sol Token hosted payment page

Net-assembly provides a free to use hosted Solana payment page with webhooks, payment notifications, payment confirmation email you can use to accept payments in any Solana Token.
With this gateway, you can easily integrate Solana based payment forms in your website, application, or point of sale.
Payments can be requested with a payment url, or a HTML form, or a QRcode.
This gateway will then use callbacks (HTTP webhook) in order to notify you about payments.
This allows a different method for implementing Solana based payments, with html form or link, and HTTP webhook, that is very easy to integrate into PHP, ASP, JAVA, Ruby projects.

Solana pay for websites

Free to use hosted payment page online builder

In order to process cryptocurrency payments, fill in the parameters.
You will get :

  • HTML code of a payment form, to embed in your website
  • A link that leads to a payment form, you can send by email
  • A QRcode that your clients can scan to pay you
You can receive payment notification by email and on an notification URL (webhook).
You can customize the amount, the title of the order, and provide an optionnal parameter that will be transmitted with the webhook and email notifications, just replace the parameter 'PARAM'.
If you implemented our payment gateway and would like to be featured in the partners list, please contact us.

Next step

Next step

Save and get my webhook ID

Hook Created !

Here is your webhook secret passphrase (keep it safe, do not share) :

Your secret key will be usefull in order to handle payment notifications.

Embed payment page

Payment notification webhook format

If you specified a webhook, a HTTP request will be made on payment on the URL you provided.
The data will be sent as a JSON encoded BODY of an HTTP request with the parameters :
  • myParam : the parameter you provided in the payment link or form
  • sourcePayment : the wallet address of the payer
  • tokenUsedForPayment : the mint address of token used for payment
  • paidAmountInToken : the amount paid in token (bigint)
  • paidAmountInTokenUi : the amount paid in token user readable
  • EUR_Amount : the amount in euros
  • USD_Amount : the amount in USD
  • trx : the transaction ID
  • secret : your secret key

NETA Token

Net-assembly NETA Token

With the Solana cryptocurrency technology, it becomes possible to use cryptocurrencies as a payment method for a daily use. The network processes the transactions very quickly and the fees are very low. It is now possible to use cryptocurrencies in order to pay a very small amount, in an efficient way, with very little waiting time, and without the heavy calculation that Bitcoin relies on. A whole new set of applications becomes possible !

Net-assembly token is a cryptographic token on Solana blockchain meant to provide a variety of payment features to the community.
With this token, you can easily integrate Solana based payment forms in your website, application, or point of sale.
Different projects will already benefit from this token, such as businesses with point of sale software, or community delivery platform, online games, ...

- Phase 1 [COMPLETED] :
Creation of the token : 3jW4qfs9ZEqeVdTEN5xhoK81jDyU1tCFJ1uWM1uewgQp
Mint&Freeze authority revocation (The total number of token is 1 000 000 000.)
There will be NO airdrop !
- Phase 2 (planned for July 2024) :
Integration into POS software project
- Phase 3 (planned for 2025) :
Integration in Deliv.shop delivery management platform

The Net-assembly Token (NETA) Whiter paper can be found at this address :
Net-assembly (NETA) White paper


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Market cap

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Token Integrations

The net-assembly token is already integrated into different platforms, and provides a more efficient way to transfer money for goods and services.


Free cash register for point of sale software
Free cash register is a freemium software that can register sales and provide financial reports for point of sales.
The software is available on iOs, Android, Windows, in a browser, or on SunMi devices.


Deliv.shop is a community delivery platform
Free to use platform, which puts into relations businesses (restaurants, ...) that needs deliveries, and delivery men. Deliverymen can subscribe for free and apply for shops that needs deliveries. Delivery men are getting paid directly by the shop owner.

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